Nodd is a place that empowers people to come together for a confluence of ideas and conversations. We believe if people don’t feel safe they can’t contribute to knowledge or listen to another person’s point of view. The following rules help everyone on Nodd to have a safe experience.

“Nodd Platform” or “platform” refers to the app, website and/or our offline events/experiences; and their respective services such as chats, registration etc.


Our principles require that people treat other people with civility, respect, and consideration. Assume that others are also trying to make it a great resource. Respect opposing or differing opinions, beliefs and conclusions. Try to listen to and understand others you may disagree with. Encourage others on the site to also be welcoming and respectful.

Attacking people or content

Personal attacks are not allowed on Nodd, nor are disrespectful or insulting attacks directed at other people's content. People should be civil and respectful in disagreement with others and should not (1) make attacks or otherwise disparage other people, (2) refer to other people's content with insulting or disrespectful language, (3) harass others or (4) advocate self-harm, even in a joking manner. These behaviours hurt the Nodd community and deter users from helping to create a better resource.

Do your best to see the world from the perspective of the person who posts on our app or the Nodd platform. It is often not helpful to criticize or challenge the fundamental beliefs. For example, in responding to the question "Is it OK to only go to church on Easter?", the following answer would be considered disrespectful and is not allowed: "There is no God and religious rituals are a waste of time." Use good judgement and be empathetic. Answers and comments that challenge the fundamental beliefs of a Nodd user will be held to a very high standard.

Comment threads & how to disagree in comments

In general, comment threads on Nodd are interactions among strangers. Given that another person may be new to Nodd and/or doesn't know you, we require a higher level of politeness than other interactive platforms where users know one another and/or where more adversarial social norms are established and tolerated. Our policy is to ensure that comments do not discourage or intimidate other people on Nodd.

Disagreement and debate on Nodd is encouraged and is often important to making the page more helpful. It is OK to disagree as long as your comments are civil, respectful, and polite, and as long as you give the impression of assuming good will on the part of the person you are disagreeing with. A good way of framing this test is: "If I am new to Nodd and / or don't know you, would it be reasonable for me to perceive your comment as hostile or disrespectful toward me or what I've written?" The answer should be ‘No’.

In multi-comment threads where there is significant disagreement among people, a person should stop commenting on the thread before creating the reasonable impression that they are harassing, attacking, and/or bullying another person.


Examples of behaviours that violate the policy include:

  • Personal attacks, including hurtful, insulting, or hostile comments.
  • Making unjustified accusations against other user(s).
  • Engaging in a pattern of behaviour that constitutes harassment of a targeted person or persons, e.g., by making threats, repeated annoying and unwanted contacts, repeated personal attacks, or posting personal information.
  • Racial, sexual, homophobic, ageist, religious, political, ethnic, or other epithets directed against another contributor.
  • Using someone's affiliations as a means of dismissing or discrediting their views (this does not include pointing out a conflict of interest of relevance to the discussion at hand).
  • Speculating on the real life identity of an anonymous user.



Harassment is defined as offensive behaviour that appears to a reasonable observer to have the purpose of adversely affecting a targeted person or persons. The intended outcome may be to make using Nodd unpleasant for the target, to undermine them, or to discourage them from using the Nodd platform. Examples of harassment include (but are not limited to): (1) making threats, (2) repeated annoying and unwanted contacts, (3) posting the personal information of another person, (4) using sexually explicit, profane, adversarial, or flirtatious language toward another person if such language would likely make the person uncomfortable.

Hate speech

Users are not allowed to post content or adopt a tone that would be interpreted by a reasonable observer as a form of hate speech, particularly toward a race, gender, religion, nationality, ethnicity, political group, sexual orientation or another similar characteristic. Questions and question details about generalizations in these topics should be phrased as neutrally and respectfully as possible.

Retaliation is not OK

It is never OK to violate the policy, even in response to another person who has violated the policy. Please note that the policy also pertains to content posted by users who no longer use Nodd.

Racial and ethnic slurs

Using any of the words on Wikipedia's list of ethnic slurs is not allowed in questions, answers, or comments, unless the purpose is to ask a sincere question about the usage/background of the word.


  • Content that violates this policy may be reported to and removed by admins/Nodd, and violations of this policy can result in a warning, blocking or ban.
  • Depending on the severity of the violation, a user may be banned immediately (without warning). People who appear to be using Nodd for the primary purpose of harassing others may be banned without warning.

Block first before reporting violations

If you feel that another person is violating this policy with respect to you or your content, you should block them in addition to reporting them to moderation.

Respect the Rights of Others

Identity and Deceptive Activity
Your Nodd profile should use your real name or legally incorporated business name and use accurate and truthful credentials. Do not use Nodd to impersonate another person, act as another entity without authorization, or create multiple accounts.

Intellectual Property and Personal Rights
Do not post content that infringes any intellectual property or personal right of another party. Writing taken from another source should be properly attributed and block quoted.

Respect the Nodd Platform

No Spam
Do not use Nodd to post or attract spam. On Nodd, spam is defined as one or more questions, answers, posts, comments, or messages whose purpose appears to be to direct traffic to external commercial sites while providing little or no value back to the Nodd Community.

The following are examples of behaviour that may be considered spam and are subject to removal/suspension:

  • Sending large amounts of private messages to users who are not expecting them.
  • Repeatedly posting the same or similar comments in a thread, private message or in any form across the Nodd platform.
  • Repeatedly posting unrelated/off-topic/link-farmed content.
  • Posting content that includes link redirects as a way to circumvent an existing domain block and/or to disguise a link’s source.
  • Linking to harmful third-party content, such as malware, phishing, deceptive pop-ups, etc.
  • Programming bots that harm/break the Nodd Platform, including bots intended to promote content/products/services.


If you’re unsure if your content is considered spammy or unwelcome, contact the moderators of the community to which you’d like to submit.


To report spam, please contact our team through the app by using the ‘Send Feedback’ option on the app or our contact portal

No Malicious or Illegal Activity
Do not contribute viruses, malware, and other malicious programs or engage in activity that harms or interferes with the operation of Nodd or seeks to circumvent security or authentication measures. Do not use Nodd to engage in unlawful activity or to promote illegal acts.
Abide by Other Nodd Policies
Follow Nodd's other policies, which Nodd may add or change from time to time. Know more about it here

Reporting Problems

If you see something on Nodd that you believe violates our guidelines or policies, please report it to us using the Send Feedback’ option on the app, or via our contact form
Violating the Acceptable Use Policy may result in the removal of content, or in the limitation or termination of a user’s access to Nodd.