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CEO & Founder at PixelFarm

I was looking to find mentors who could guide me to find the product-market fit for my Agri-tech startup. Nodd communities and Atom events helped me to quickly connect and meet with relevant mentors. Furthermore, I got an investor and our first 5 customers as well.


Program Manager at Facebook

At this stage in my career, I’m interested in finding collaboration partners, thought partners and promising people to help with my time and experience. Nodd has been a great place for all three of those things - whether introducing me to potential partners, giving me a fresh perspective on the entrepreneurial and creative ecosystem or connecting me to people that respect my time and expertise. On an average I connect with 2 new people a week on Nodd - It’s networking and mentoring - hypercharged with good people that care. I love the intimacy of the Atoms and I just wish I could do more of them!


Co founder & CEO at Liminal VR

I was part of Nodd since the beginning (when Nodd was merely a whatsapp group). From then, I have been part of 10+ communities, hosted & attended 15+ meetups and met over 200+ people since then and was able to pivot from my 1st startup & start my current venture, which is a B2B VR company. Nodd members helped me for finding product-market fit, understanding the market, structuring the company and growing my business.


Founder at Maed in India

When I joined Nodd, I realised it wasn’t just any networking platform. I have been part of many networking events but what makes Nodd so unique was that every person I’ve met is truly invested in helping each other. The community is supportive, encouraging and a space that helps everyone thrive.


CEO & MD at Xelpmoc Design & Tech

Nodd has created opportunities for cross learning and co-learning as a community. Nodd has started making people talk for no preordained purpose, hence creating the chance of amazing value to be created.


Angel Investor & Founder at Sher-e-Space

After my 2 decade corporate stint, I was looking to get associated with a few good tech startup founders as an investor or partner. I instantly got connected to the best through an Atom. I was amazed by the format as the group met on a member’s yacht and the environment of learning was great. Since then, I have attended 10 such meets (Atom) and became part of 8 communities. Learnt angel investing from seasoned investors, invested in 2 consumer tech startups and started my own venture with one of the members.


Managing Director at Goquest Media

I have made 10x more meaningful business relationships using the Nodd network in the past year than what I did in the last 5 years.


Co-founder & CEO at GREX Alternative

It's a small connected world of possibilities for me!
Not only have I made money through Nodd but have built relationships that go far deeper than just money. When it comes to access to people, Nodd is my Man Friday, a solution to every connect I need. Nodd is the last word when it comes to reaching the right person if only you ask...
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Frequently asked questions

Based on the concept of ‘Go-Giving’ and ‘Pay-it-forward’, a user's 'Karma' reflects how much a member has contributed to the Nodd ecosystem. You can check a member’s Karma score by viewing it in their profile.
Some of the best ways to earn Karma is by:

  • creating or contributing to discussions, polls, communities and meets that other members upvote & acknowledge
  • Inviting valuable people to the Nodd ecosystem
  • Helping members directly or introducing them to someone who can help
  • Moderating the content by upvoting & awarding the good ones and reporting the bad ones
  • Acknowledging & awarding the value addition by members and reporting spammers
We believe if people don’t feel safe they can’t contribute their knowledge or listen to another person’s point of view. Rules help everyone on Nodd to have a safe experience.

Here are a few examples (but not limited to) of what is not allowed in the community:

  • Personal attacks, including hurtful, insulting, or hostile comments.
  • Making unjustified accusations against other member(s).
  • Engaging in a pattern of behaviour that constitutes harassment of a targeted person or persons, e.g., by making threats, repeated annoying and unwanted contacts, repeated personal attacks, or posting personal information.
  • Racial, sexual, homophobic, ageist, religious, political, ethnic, or other epithets directed against another contributor.
  • Using someone's affiliations as a means of dismissing or discrediting their views (this does not include pointing out a conflict of interest of relevance to the discussion at hand).
  • Speculating on the real life identity of an anonymous member.

An option of ‘report abuse’ is available with all our app members where our dedicated team looks in to it to ensure a safe environment.
Members get learning & problem-solving task groups of sizes 3-7 people; comprising of peers and mentors. They meet physically and are connected through our app for a lifetime. Know more about it on the app.

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