When you bring together like-minded intelligent people from all sorts of backgrounds, and get them to start talking without an ulterior motive, it creates the chance for amazing value to be created and for co-learning as a community. We believe that’s the best and most genuine way to make connections, do business and learn more about the world around you; be it when people engage on our app, or meet in our offline experiences. We’ve seen that already with the opportunities & deals happening through our growing community of 10,000+ achievers from the startup, professional and business worlds, and are excited to see what it will look like when we reach 1 Million, and so on.

What makes Nodd unique

The quality of people

Many founders of large startups and leaders of corporates are prominent members of the community. Nodd is an invite only app, to keep it curated.

The variety of people

Some are doing incredible things such as building SpaceTech, leading efforts to prevent farmer suicide, HR leaders who were once part of the army to corporate CXOs who also have their own band.

Culture based on ‘Go-Giving’

Helping others without expecting in return can make life a lot less stressful and more profitable by opening unexpected doors for you. That's what binds the Nodd community together.

Truly Connected

People get to know each other while having discussions on the app, but truly bond when they meet in our offline experiences. For many, their core network has been built through Nodd. We hope to make this true for all Nodders.

The Nodd App

Join Communities that you’re interested in

We have communities ranging from Corporate CXOs, Social Entrepreneurs, HR & FinTech. People use these communities to ask for references, ask for guidance to solve problems, share knowledge and stay updated. We frequently do AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions with experts from that community.

Meet over common interests

The best networking happens over common interests and meeting offline. Join experiences near you or create your own and invite people. For example, many entrepreneurs and investors in Nodd meet regularly over a game of Poker by creating a ‘NoddIn’ on the App

Discover achievers that are relevant to you

If there is any type of person you'd like to connect with, for business utility or learning, you will be able to find him or her through our community.

Our Offline Experiences


Experiences organized by Nodd to bring together those in our community.


Create or join experiences happening near you. Meet people who have common interests.


Address problems you are facing by speaking to subject matter experts and thought-leaders from your field. Book their time through the app. This feature is under development.


For companies looking to reach a target group of customer, we organize networking experiences and curate the audience to match that group.



  • Sonal Wigh

    The team’s ability to ensure real, like-minded and intelligent people network over shared passions, is superb

    - Sonal Wigh
    Head - Corporate Sales (West) at Amazon
  • Akshee Agarwal

    Hell of an experience. Awesome concept, awesome people. Excited for the next Noddout

    - Akshee Agarwal
    Co-founder @ The Style Door
  • Varun Chopra

    Nodd is brilliant. Awaiting the app, which will be far more advanced than what they are already doing

    - Varun Chopra
    Founder & CEO @ CurrEQlum
  • Saumil Thanawala

    Nodd is creating a wonderful & trustworthy platform, to meet like-minded people in a very innovative manner

    - Saumil Thanawala
    Co-founder & Director @ Pelican Farm & Dairy LLP
  • Aru Sharma

    Superb Innovative experiences by Nodd. Noddouts offer quality time with quality People

    - Aru Sharma
    Digital Marketing Manager @ Aranca
  • Aneesh Dhairyawan

    Very professional team. Nodd delivers only delight. Nothing less than that

    - Aneesh Dhairyawan
    Co-founder @ Authenticook
  • Natasha Duggal

    Kudos to Team Nodd. They are creating a networking platform that is in-line with the real need of the hour

    - Natasha Duggal
    Account Director @ L&T Finance
  • Kartik Korpal

    Nodd is one platform, which really understands networking, interests and what exactly people want

    - Kartik Korpal
    Marketing @Tata Consultancy Services


Nodd App is a revolutionary “By Invite Only” tool, which will enable you to create “Nodd Ins” and attend “Nodd Outs”, based on your interest areas